What days are you open for photo shoots?

We are open seven days a week for photo shoots. Please note we work by appointment only. Your consultation and/or photo shoot can be arranged by calling us at 319-775-0114 or emailing us at [email protected]


What kind of people come to Schaldecker Studios?

We have people of all ages, shapes and sizes from all different backgrounds who come to us wanting to be photographed.  We cater to high school seniors, individuals, couples, children and families.

Please note we do not shoot weddings.


Do you hold photographic consultations with clients?

Yes, you are welcome to come in for a pre-portrait consultation.  We hold our no-obligation consultations at our Marion Studio, agreed upon location or on Zoom (by appointment only). We are open for bookings seven days a week.


Do I need to bring anything to my consultation?

No, the only thing you need to bring is yourself! However if you have any ideas for your photo shoot, please feel free to bring them along. Photographic consultations normally take around half an hour.


Shooting Locations

We are based in Marion,IA, but we shoot all over. Most of our sessions are done outdoors at locations our clients choose, but if you need ideas, we’ve got plenty.  Studio shooting can be arranged as well, but we prefer shooting outdoors for the unique environmental qualities the great outdoors offers


What if there is bad weather the day of my shoot?

Don’t worry, we always leave days open during the week and some weekends for reschedules. We will notify you asap if we do have to reschedule, however we usually only reschedule if there is either a 50% or higher chance of rain. If it’s overcast don’t worry your pictures will still look amazing!


I can't wait to see my pics!  Will I get a sneak peek?

We LOVE Sneak peeks!! And we are just as excited about your images as you are so we always send a sneak peek of an image or three that caught our eye within 2-3 days! Be sure to Like Schaldecker Studios on Facebook & Follow on Instagram! That’s where all the behind-the-scenes action and sneak peeks go first!


What is the turn around time for my gallery?

We will post to Facebook and Instagram with sneak peeks from your session within a few days (if desired )Your images will be uploaded to a secured gallery within 1-2 weeks of your session date and a link will be sent to you to access your own personal gallery.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Our studio accepts cash, check or Venmo.


Senior Portraits

How do I schedule my senior portrait session?

You may call us at 319-775-0114, email us at [email protected] or use the contact form on our website.


How far in advance should I schedule my session?

The earlier the better! We often book out weeks and even months in advance. Fall sessions are usually booked by Summer and Spring Sessions are usually booked during the Winter months.


Who should I bring with me to my session?

Feel free to bring mom, dad or a friend as long as you’re comfortable in front of them, if not then you can also come solo! Keep in mind this is also a special, scary, sad, exciting time in mom and dad’s life.. plus they can be very helpful with outfit changes, lip gloss touch ups etc.


Can I bring a friend to my portrait session?

Yes, they can always help you in the dressing room & with your hair. Have them come dressed to be photographed. There is no additional charge to have a photograph taken with your friend(s). Please phone our studio prior to your session so the photographer can schedule additional time for you.


What should I wear?

Simple clothing photographs best. Long sleeves are recommended. Bare arms distract from the close up portraits. Solid colors with simple lines and patterns work well.  See our senior session blog post for more information Senior Photo Session Tips


Where do I change my clothes?

Be prepared to turn your car into a dressing room! Most of the locations we are at are private but feel free to bring a towel or blanket to cover up with between changes. Also, we may do some walking so bring a pair of flip-flops for in-between scene changes.


I'm so nervous about my shoot!  Will you give me pose ideas?

Absolutely! We will give you tons of ideas and directions throughout your session to help you feel at ease. We find the best photos to be the candid photos because that is when you are at your most relaxed state. 


Is there an additional charge for pets?

No, Feel free to bring your pets.  Just make sure that the locations we will be photographing you at allow pets.


Client Rights & Social Media

What do I own the rights to?

The client will own the rights to final delivered product. Anything watermarked with Schaldecker Studio’s name or likeness is copyrighted material and may not be distributed or shared on social media without proper permission(s).

 All "Proofs" are indeed, copyrighted by Schaldecker Studio. The customer only holds the "Rights of Use" on the final delivered product(s).


Do I have the rights to post my pictures online?

Yes, once the customer has the final delivered product, they HAVE the right to share it with the world. If that means posting pictures on Facebook or sharing with a loved one through e-mail, yes, the client has the right to do so.


What happens to the other photos that you took?

We cull and edit the photos one by one.  Photos that do not meet our standards are deleted right away.  Photographs given to the client are the final jpeg images.  We reserve the right to edit and release only those images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within  our artistic standards.  We only keep the Raw files of the edited images until we are done editing the session; then, we delete them and only keep the jpeg for 8 months .  No Raw files ( ie : unedited photos ) will be given to the clients. NO EXCEPTIONS.  We also shoot in RAW with Jpeg backup format most of the time.


Can I have my photos printed anywhere?

The digital downloads will come with a print release which allows you to have your photos printed anywhere that you wish at any time. However, we do not guarantee the results due to different qualities from different printers.


I want to book a session with you, what do I do now?

Email [email protected] or select the contact button on my website and send information on what type of session you are looking for. We will then decide on a date, time and location  and go over any more questions you may have.