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We have been designing vinyl sports banners and posters for several years locally for schools and other competitive teams.

Listed below are just a few of the reasons High School coaches are choosing Schaldecker Studios.

  • High Quality professional equipment.
  • Unique one of a kind sports pictures.
  • Personalization of players names on prints.
  • Can photograph everything indoors.  No weather reschedules.
  • Local photographer with complete customer service available to answer questions and concerns your team parents may have, before, on and after picture day.
  • We communicate with you to personalize your design and send you a proof for approval before printing.

Our picture day setup is different than other photographers. 

With our on location setup we photograph each player individually and then create the team photo in the computer.  

  • They are much quicker than traditional team pictures and are not photographed outside in the elements.  We no longer need to use risers outside.
  • Once a player or coach is photographed they can leave or return to practice.  Plus, we can add or take out a person in the team without needing to re-shoot the team.



Customized Sports Banners especially designed for your athlete or team.
Our individual banners are 2′x3′ or 3'x4' & 3'x5'.  We can also do custom sizes to fit your needs if you choose.
Our team banners are normally 3'x6' or 4'x8' or any custom size needed.
The banners are full color and printed on either 15oz or 18oz vinyl and hemmed/welded around the edges with metal grommets at the corners for easy hanging. If you’re displaying your banner in the school or at home, the indoor vinyl is your go-to. If you’re trying to draw attention outside, go with the extra-thick outdoor vinyl. Pair with reinforced edges and grommets to ensure your banner stays safe and secure.



Customized Sports Banners especially designed for your athlete or team.
Posters are normally 16"x20" or 18"x24" and are printed on high quality 80lb chipboard.


Contact us for more info and pricing.


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Our studio accepts cash, check or Venmo.

Drive Time

Drive time occurs if shoot location is greater than 25 miles from Cedar Rapids, IA city center - .50/mile after 35 miles coming and going

Digital Images

Any digital images purchased must provide proper credit to Schsldecker Studios when used online. Printing, copying, downloading or scanning images without written consent is strictly prohibited.


The Federal Copyright Law protects copyright. It is unlawful to copy or scan any images without permission of the photographer. In order to control the quality of the work produced, the photographer is the only one who can crop, modify, order any image produced at this photo session. The photographer retains the copyright and ownership of all images of the photo session and reserves the right to reproduce images for portfolio, studio display, gallery display, website, self-promotion, photo contests, etc. * *


(Prices subject to change without notice)