meet Aaron

“Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times,
develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.” -Unknown


Hello, I’m Aaron Schaldecker, the creative force behind Schaldecker Studios. As a portrait photographer, my mission is to capture the essence of who you truly are. No gimmicks, no elaborate sets—just authenticity. When you step into my studio, you’ll see your genuine self reflected back at you, framed by natural smiles and unbridled laughter.

I specialize in senior portraits and family photography, infusing each session with creativity and personalization. Whether you’re a high school senior or part of a loving family, I tailor the experience to suit you. Let’s create timeless images that tell your unique story.

Beyond photography, I’m passionate about life’s simple pleasures. You’ll often find me sipping a cup of coffee in the early morning hours, relishing the peace and quiet before the world awakens. My love for Dunkin, football, family, cars, dogs, and the great outdoors keeps me inspired.

As a parent of two daughters, my life is a delightful whirlwind of events and photo opportunities. They’re not just my family—they’re also my favorite models when I’m scouting new locations. Late nights fuel my creativity, and I thrive on minimal sleep. Whether it’s dawn or dusk, I’m immersed in my craft, weaving magic into every image.

Thank you for considering my work. It’s an honor to be part of your memories, and I hope my art resonates with you. Feel free to reach out—I’d love to connect and create something beautiful together! ✨


~ Aaron